Dean Bryen

Dean Bryen is acloud engineer and architect with a focus on security, serverless and devops.

He currently works for Microsoft Azure as a Cloud Developer Advocate where he works closely with the UK developer community on all things cloud.

He’s been working in the Infrastructure and Security space for over 12 years, and in the public cloud for just over 5 years. He has previously held roles ranging from engineering, operations, architecture and advocacy at organisations such as Microsoft, Amazon and UK Cloud. Dean is extremely passionate about sharing whatever he learns with others and ultimately simplifying the lives of developers.

You can often find him speaking at and attending Meetups, Universities and Conferences in the UK, as well as online via YouTube, Twitter or this blog.

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Series - Infrastructure as Code - An End to End Guide

I bumped into an old friend on the train the other day and after we’d got through the usual small talk of asking how eachothers kids were getting on, we got into the exciting topic of infrastructure automation. Particularly Infrastructure as Code (IaC), the process of treating our infrastructure in the same way we would treat our code. Something he was looking to implement within his own organisation. During that conversation My friend said something that would stick on my mind for the rest of the day, and is the inspiration for this blog series:

Dean Bryen Mar 17, 2019

How to get started with Azure Functions ⚡

The past year of my life as a developer has been focused on diving deep into Azure Functions. Now that I’ve had the chance to come up for air, I wanted to share a few of my lessons to help other developers on their serverless journey.

Dean Bryen Sep 17, 2018