I am available for speaking engagements at both conferences and meetups.

The below list of talks I can give with very little notice, diary permitting. If you are after something more custom, we’ll need to dicsuss the topic and requirements, but in general I’d need approx 3 months notice for this type of engagement.

  • Serverless CI/CD
  • Serverless Security
  • Intro to Chaos Engineering
  • Building Intelligent Serverless Apps
  • Performing Security reviews of your cloud architecture

I’m also available to travel if neccesary. You can find out how to contact me here.

Upcoming Talks

Previous Talks

Serverless CI/CD

CI/CD is part of the furniture in any modern software development team. But do things need to change when it comes to serverless?

With serverless our applications possess some unique properties such as: multiple small individual units of deployment (functions) and an architecture comprising multiple cloud services beyond our functions.

In this session we’ll look at these considerations and explore how to make best use of CI/CD with serverless.

A copy of the slides can be found here